Reserving:   A credit card must be available to reserve the room. There is a $100 charge for cancelling with a two week or less notice. Cancellations must be made through a manager. Guest count must be accurate. You will be charged for the amount of people (within 5 people with the lowest cost menu item) that are not in attendance. Going over your guest count, you will be charged for extra items ordered.

            Service Fee:   The set-up, service and clean-up charge is $10 per hour per                                           server (one server  per 15-20).

            Room Capacity:   Our banquet room comfortably seats up to 60 people. 

              Menu Planning:    Parties are limited to three entrees for sit down dinners. We also have appetizer  buffet options available. We have a “No outside food or beverage policy (cakes and/or wine are the exception). There is a $2.00 per person cake cutting fee and a $12.00 per bottle corking fee.

            MinimumPurchase:  A minimum of $700.00 dollars must be spent on food at Thursday — Saturday evening events.  A minimum of $400.00 must be spent on food at all other times. All food must be on one tab.  No separate checks will be available.  Payment is due upon the completion of the banquet.   A cash bar is available for the purchase of beverages.

                           Gratuity:    A  20%  gratuity will be added to the bill.

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Please call 651 222 7345 to confirm date and time.